stylecracker review

stylecracker review



Hey, Splurgers!

I’m back with another review, this time of an Indian brand “The Style Cracker”. A long time back I noticed Alia Bhatt advertising for this brand and very recently I got the chance to get my hands on it.

So it is basically a box that is delivered to you which has clothing, bags, and accessories according to your budget and everything is chosen by a celebrity stylist as per your preferences! The idea of it got me excited because who doesn’t like surprises, right?!

So while browsing the website, I was asked to choose a box as per my budget and decided to go for the most basic one that would have one piece of clothing, one bag, and one accessory, because it could be a boom or a bust.

They asked me the following things:

  1. My body type
  2. If I need a top, skirt or a dress (I asked them for a dress)
  3. Size and fitting
  4. If the top should be relaxed or flowy (I chose relaxed)
  5. If the dress should be shift, skater or flowy (I chose flowy)
  6. If the length of the skirt should be mini, above the knee or below the knee (I chose above the knee)
  7. If sleeves should be sleeveless, halter, strappy, off-shoulder or deep neck (I said yes to off shoulder and deep neck and no to everything else, as they’re not flattering on me)
  8. If the style preference should be classicist, romantic-feminine or bombshell (I chose classicist and romantic-feminine)
  9. Colors that I wanted to avoid (I said no to cobalt blue, bright yellow and blush pink as they’re not very flattering on me)
  10. Prints and patterns to avoid: polka dots, floral, stripes, and checks (I said no to checks, only because it was compulsory to choose one)
  11. Asked me how tall I am (I’m 5 feet 3 or 4 inches btw)
  12. The occasion I wanted it for everyday/work (I chose everyday)
  13. The type of jewelry I wanted: necklace, earrings or bracelet (I chose earrings)
  14. The color of the jewelry: gold/silver/multicolored/tonal (I chose tonal to be on the safer side)
  15. If the jewelry should be a statement piece or minimalistic (I chose ‘statement piece’)
  16. If the bag should be a clutch or a sling (I went for the sling option)
  17. The order was then placed after which I was asked to provide a picture of myself (not mandatory)

The box was supposed to be delivered in about 10-12 days, but actually came in earlier than that, which is good!

So now finally coming to the contents of the box, I received a red-orangish, floral, skater dress with a belt at the back. It is cool-toned. I think it looks decent and it was a good choice on their part!

With this, I got off-white tassel earrings, which are actually very pretty. But somehow I think the color doesn’t really compliment my skin tone.

The bag I received is a black sling bag. It was a very safe choice and I don’t really mind! Its very minimalistic and neutral and will go with anything.


They sent in some handwritten notes which I really appreciate and it says

Dear Shivika,

Handpicked this dress just for you, wear flats or comfortable wedges. Your skater dress is ideal for the daytime so keep it simple and classy. Wear your dress with a pair of sneakers to match to a Sunday brunch. Another option would be to wear it with a denim jacket. Pick your favorite hoops and pull your hair back into a high ponytail. Yes!! A dress is meant to be elegant, but you can totally wear it to college with your backpack too. The bag is super versatile which can be carried as a sling or as a handbag and will compliment many outfits in your wardrobe. Whether it’s a cute top, dress, skirt or trousers, this bag will be a great addition to your party look. Mix and match your minimal jewelry designer Deepa Gurnani with a simple outfit and still stand out. Hope you enjoy wearing SC box look. P.S. your dress is a great piece to carry on holidays too!

Lots of love,

Your stylist

I wore this whole attire with my white sneakers! Another way of using the dress was to use it as a shrug by unbuttoning it.

Overall I am quite happy with the contents of the box! I liked the dress and the bag more than I like the earrings. They also provide an option to exchange the items that you don’t like, which is always a plus.

Pheeww! That was one big review, wasn’t it? XD Please leave down any questions if you have! I’ll leave it here for today!

Keep splurging! xx


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