T-shirts you should invest in

T-shirts you should invest in







Hey guys! I am super excited to be back here, this time not with my usual ethical series but with some outfit ideas! This is my first time doing a post like this so hopefully, this post helps you out and you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.


So this year, I have been REALLY REALLY obsessed with t-shirts (as you can see on my Instagram). T-shirts are my favorite go-to piece of clothing and they are so versatile that I can wear them almost everywhere and on any occasion! I wear them to my college, I wear them when I hang out, I even pair them with my PJs as my loungewear. I literally wear them 24/7, this is how much I love wearing t-shirts! Not only they are comfy, but different characters, stripes, and slogans just give them a life!! And not only that, you can wear them with literally anything whether it is a skirt or a pair of jeans or some palazzo pants, they are compatible with everything!!


I have featured few of my favorite t-shirts, some of which may or may not be available right now as I bought them a few months back, whereas some have been bought recently.


from my Instagram


So this t-shirt here is from Topshop which I bought from jabong.com. Unfortunately, Topshop is no longer available on Jabong which is sad because I absolutely love their clothing! I bought this t-shirt for my 20th birthday and since then I have been a fan of t-shirts! I love pairing it with my skinny black trousers, black espadrilles, black cap and a backpack. This is my all-time favorite t-shirt!















This second t-shirt is from romwe.com. I discovered this website around 9-10 months ago and I fell in love with it! This t-shirt has a cute little dinosaur print and I love wearing it with my black and white palazzo pants. I pair this outfit with white sneakers and I’m good to go!





My third favorite t-shirt is from Shein. I bought this just a few days back and I just love how dramatic this is! The only issue with this is that I’ll have to handwash it because of its details. I love how it looks with my white denim and white sneakers!




from my Instagram

My fourth favorite t-shirt is again from Shein that I received just a few days back. It has stripes with a small little cactus on it. I usually like to pair it with my boyfriend jeans with brown sneakers and a brown bag or with my denim skirt, black boots, and striped shoulder bag.


I absolutely love pairing my t-shirts with my sneakers. I conducted a poll on my Instagram just for fun, to know how many people can relate to this and I was surprised to know that 85% of the people can relate to this which made me so happy for IDK what reason XD XD.



Anyway, those are few of my favorite t-shirts and I love them to death! I hope you guys liked them. Leave your thoughts down below in the comments, would love to hear them 😊 you can also follow me on Instagram if you want to see more t-shirts (shameless self-promotion) XD

Thank you!!! xo

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