vegan perfume by verdure fragrances review

vegan perfume by verdure fragrances review




Hey, splurgers!

Today I’m back with my ethical closet segment to discuss vegan fragrances! I’m collaborating with Verdure Fragrances which is an awesome Indian company, producing amazing vegan fragrances!

So a lot many people wonder what are vegan fragrances after all? We are all aware of vegan food, but talking about vegan makeup products or fragrances totally puzzle people!

Vegan fragrances/makeup products are those which do not contain any animal products for eg. milk, cream, musk etc and are also not tested on animals!  



I finally got my hands on a perfume by the name Sparkling Romance, produced by Verdure Fragrances!

Top notes: Lemon, Pineapple, Vetiver

Base notes: Iris and Pink Pepper

5 minutes after spritzing, it gives a fruity and earthy smell of lemon, pineapple, and vetiver. This top note lasts for 2 hours on the skin and for the entire day on the clothes (P.S. perfumes perform differently on skin and clothes).



After blending in with the skin, the powdery feel of iris and sweetness of pink pepper kicks in and stays for 6-7 hours on the skin!

I love the refreshing notes of it! It is fruity, sweet, earthy and refreshing. Plus, the sillage is moderate and it lasts very very long!

I’m extremely satisfied with this perfume and would definitely try out others too! I appreciate the effort they put in making their vegan fragrances and I hope more and more Indian companies step up to create vegan products!

Keep splurging!

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